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Pascuali Alaska 2

Alaska 2 from Pascuali

Content: 100% Alaskan Qiviut (musk ox)

Yarn Category: Lace

Yardage/Weight: 153 yds/ 22g

Gauge: 7 sts = 1" on US 1-2

Care:  Hand wash, lay flat to dry

Qiviut fiber, or musk ox wool, is very light and eight times warmer than sheep's wool. In addition, it is softer, more elastic and airier than cashmere. "Qiviut" means "fluff" and refers to the exceptionally soft inner fur of the musk ox. This wool protects the animals during storms and the very low temperatures of the Arctic. For this very reason, the people in Alaska began to domesticate musk oxen. Today the animals are raised on farms, in Alaska, and their undercoat is hand combed, not sheared, to produce this high-quality yarn.

Musk ox wool is a very rare and unique natural fibre. The process of obtaining and processing Qiviut wool is about eight times harder than that of other natural fibres. About 60% of Qiviut fibres are comprised of the air ducts which give it is volume.  This also explains the incredibly high insulation factor of musk ox wool. Although the layered coat of the musk ox is similar to that of cashmere goats , it is softer, finer and warmer. Only 5-6 tons of Qiviut are produced a year in contrast to  350,000 tons of cashmere. No wonder it is known as “Arctic Gold”.

Natural is the undyed yarn, which is a medium brown. Colors are overdyed on this natural brown, providing a rich, deep hue. Just one hank of this precious yarn will create a lacy cowl or hat, warmer and softer than anything else!

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