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100% Certified Organic Polwarth Wool Top from the Falkland Islands, measuring an incredible 22 microns. The fleeces are processed in the UK. Sheep that are raised organically are not subject to mulesing, and they are not dipped for pesticides. In addition, the number of sheep allowed to graze in any give pasture area is limited to the natural carrying capacity of the land. And as with most wool that comes from the Falklands, it is very white.

The Polwarth breed was developed in Australia, breeding Merinos with Lincolns, to develop a hardy sheep with a fine fiber. The selective breeding that produced the Polwarth sheep contributed to the excellent fleece size, longer staple length of 5-7" and finer micron wool. It repels water and dries faster than the shorter tighter fleeces (merino) allowing the Polwarth to thrive in a wide variety of environments.

Spinners find Polwarth to be as easy, or easier, to spin than merino. It will also felt easy, making it a good fiber for needlefelting.

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