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Florentine Hinge

Jul Designs unique closuree screws into both sides of a garment or accessory and snap in the center making them versatile an removeable, moveable. This closure is leather and metal, made in the USA. It attaches to your garment with 2 pedestals on either side and closes your garment with a snap. No marring your garment, no need to make buttonholes. It's the ultimate in an afterthought closure.The really fabulous thing is that this work equally well on crochet, knit, and woven garments. To use this - remove the screws and leather washers. Position on your garment and gently work through from the front. On the back side, replace the washers and finger tighten the screws. Voila! It's that easy.


1 hinge per pack.

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Type: Buttons

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