Artfelt Shimmer Scarf Kit

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Artfelt Shimmer Scarf Kit

Artfelt combines the best attributes of felting methods with a new patented paper developed to ease and speed up the felting process.  This special paper allows one to felt extremely simple to incredibly complex pieces with minimal space and little physical effort.  The felted material can be thick or thin, precise or abstract, and the whole process can be accomplished with very little experience and in a minimal amount of time. See an example of the process here.

Silk and Merino wool blend together to make a felted material that is super soft and exceptionally light. This kit also comes with strands of glitzy and glittery mohair to give this scarf a hint of sparkle. Warm enough to cut the chill when you are wearing a dress out to an event and light weight enough that you barely notice you are wearing it.

Each kit includes roving, needles, paper, and the instructions to make this project.

Weight: 120 g

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