Temporary Website Closure

Hello friends! With our skeleton staff during the Covid-19 pandemic shut down, we will periodically need to take a short break from accepting orders to avoid becoming overwhelmed! As many of you know, I'm also going through cancer treatment, adding just another complication to an already hard situation. We love seeing you embrace crafting during this time and appreciate your orders, but we need a way to add some balance to our work load.

When you see this screen, it means that you won't be able to access the website to place orders during the time listed. We'll also not be as responsive to email inquiries and other messages, so asking questions like "do you have this in stock" won't get you a quick reply - better to come back when the website is open again and you can check inventory quantity right on line. As always, we are happy to help with planning projects, yarn selection, and advice. Feel free to contact us any time.

As soon as the website is open and available for orders, we will be shipping within our usual 24 hour quick turn around! Appreciate your patience and understanding, Sharyn and family