Om Shawl KAL - Twisted German Cast On

by Sharyn Anhalt August 17, 2016

Okay, I confess. I've tried many different cast ons, but always felt my standard long tail cast on was stretchy. But the Twisted new favorite! The Om Shawl pattern suggests watching the video on the New Stitch a Day website, but I found a good one on the Very Pink website too. Here are links to both:

Twisted German Cast On at New Stitch a Day

Twisted German Cast On at Very Pink

I suggest watching both, because they take two different approaches! One has you moving your hand more, the other the needle more. I've always found that some knitters think about hand motion and some about needle motion, so it's great that we have these two examples!

If you don't want to do the Twisted German Cast On, a long tail cast on will be fine as long as you leave space between each stitch - this ensures that your cast on edge will have a bit of stretch. I think everyone should learn to cast on loosely, because we hardly ever are instructed to cast on tightly! As always, feel free to drop in the shop with help if needed! 

I hope you are planning colors, or have already purchased your yarn and are ready to cast on! This KAL runs through the end of September, so you have plenty of time to get started.

Sharyn Anhalt
Sharyn Anhalt


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