Notes to get started on the Marled Fade Scarfy Thing

by Sharyn Anhalt January 10, 2017

Notes to get started on the Marled Fade Scarfy Thing

Once again it took me longer than expected to get back to posting - you guys keep me so busy! I've talked to several of you about getting started with our Marled Fade Scarfy Thing KAL this month, and I hope there are more of you gathering bits of leftover yarns and planning how to add even more color! Here are a few helpful notes to get you started:

Download the Scarfy Thing Recipe here. Beata has included many helpful notes! Most important - slip the first stitch of each row to create a nice edge for when you later need to pick up stitches. Second most important - don't bind off sections. Put the stitches on a holder so you can "join as you go" later.

Beata describes the "join as you go" method for when attaching sections to their neighbors and provides a link to a video. There are many different ways to make a join - a google search for "join as you go knitting" will bring up many other examples. Do whatever you like the best!

I am knitting two strands of fingering weight yarn, or one strand of fingering weight with one strand of silk mohair lace weight. Either of these combinations should give you a consistent gauge. Use the needle size that gives you a nice fabric - not too tight and stiff, but not too loose. I'm using a 4.5mm/US7 needle and getting about 17-18 sts per 4 inches. I'm a loose knitter so you may need to use a larger needle to get that same gauge.

You will need about 500 grams of fingering weight yarns to make the Scarfy Thing holding the yarn double. Obviously more or less if you want it larger or smaller.

Yes, you will have a lot of ends - but a little advance planning will minimize how may you have to weave in! I am changing just one strand at a time - for example, assume I start with a blue and green strand. When I'm ready to change, I cut the blue strand and keep knitting with a red and green strand, etc. At the color change, I knit with 3 strands together for 3-5 stitches. This will knit in the ends as you go, and then trim them after you block the shawl.

As I mentioned before, I'm offering prizes for this KAL! To be eligible, post at least 2 times before January 31, 2017 in our Scarfy Thing KAL thread in the YarnScout Posse Ravelry group. One post should be a description of the yarns you'll be using, and which ones you purchased at YarnScout. The second post should be a picture of your Scarfy Thing in progress. You don't have to be following the Scarfy Thing "recipe" - any modular, "join as you go" project qualifies - just be sure to mention which pattern you are following if it's not Scarfy Thing. The 10 Stitch Blanket is a popular "join as you go" project. At the end of the month, I'll randomly pick three knitters to win $20 gift cards to YarnScout!

I know that "experimenting" with knitting projects can be a scary thing for some of you, so I hope you'll find this a safe and comfortable way to add some creativity to your knitting! Just get started - you'll be entered to win prizes, and who knows, you might like it! Don't hesitate to ask if you need encouragement or advice along the way. 

Sharyn Anhalt
Sharyn Anhalt


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