Kaika KAL Clue 2

by Kelsie Ernsberger April 14, 2015

Have you all finished the foot of your sock yet? I've been loving this combination of stitch pattern and yarn. A few of you asked how to know when you're done with the foot and ready for the heel in toe up socks. Our instructions say when your sock measures two inches smaller than the total length of your foot. I also try my sock on my foot to make certain of my measurement. 

In this weeks clue Michelle walks us through turning the heel using Japanese short rows. This technique is similar to a traditional short row but eliminates the wrapping step and instead has us placing pins at each turn to create a very clean looking heel. As usual she provides a thorough video tutorial to walk you through step by step. I highly recommend watching the entire video through before beginning your heel. Once you've started you can then rewind as many times as you like to complete each step along with the video. I also suggest setting some time aside where you'll be able to sit down and do the entire heel in one sitting. This will eliminate any confusion of where you were the last time you were knitting. A note to the nervous knitter, before you begin you can also place a lifeline so you have the assurance that you can tear out your knitting if any mistakes are made.

As you turn the heel you'll be instructed to place pins at each turn. We have these coilless safety pins available; they are a bit less clunky than your ordinary locking stitch marker which makes a world of difference here. While you're working your way back and knitting your stitches/pins, make sure to note that this is worked differently on the knit and the purl side. Again, Michelle's video provides an excellent demonstration of this. 

After some concentration and help from Michelle, voila! A heel! 

As always, let us know if you need a hand with anything!

Kelsie Ernsberger
Kelsie Ernsberger


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