Solaris Shawl KAL - How is your progress?

by Sharyn Anhalt May 17, 2016

Solaris Shawl KAL - How is your progress?

Hope you are all making progress on your shawls! I love patterns that start with just a few stitches and grow quickly...and then the long rows seem to take forever! But, by then you've hopefully settled into a comfortable rhythm. Here's my Solaris with 5 stripe sections completed -

A common question/problem when knitting shaping like this is what to do when the stitch count isn't right. Does it matter? Do I have to rip out? Can I just add or subtract stitches? Unfortunately, it's not always an easy question to answer and it depends on the pattern and how comfortable you are with "design elements". But let's look at Solaris and see if we can answer it for this design.

Solaris is comprised of one edge decreasing while the opposite edge is increasing. In between are rows of garter stitch, broken up with stripe sections and periodic rows of eyelets. There is a defined pattern to how the shawl develops. If you miss an increase or decrease somewhere your stitch count could easily be off by one stitch. My general rule of thumb is to make sure the stitch count is right when you have a transition, such as beginning a stripe section or an eyelet row. Using the edges to add or subtract stitches can be a perfect place to hide these adjustments. Skipping a k2tog in one row or doing a kfb instead of kfbf are easy ways to adjust your stitch count by one.

But what if you're off by 2, 3, 4 or more stitches? For two stitches, you could spread adjustments out among two rows. If you're off by 3 or more stitch I would consider tinking back a few rows and figure out if you are doing something wrong. Better to catch it early than to just keep adjusting!

To summarize, Solaris is a very forgiving pattern. The designer has given us lots of stitch count references, but in the end, the exact count at the end of each row may not matter. Garter stitch is very forgiving, and you have lots of check points to get back on track. If the fabric was a lace stitch, we'd be telling a different story...

Stop by and show me your progress!

Sharyn Anhalt
Sharyn Anhalt


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